About  Houyi

Expert of energy saving systems and planning

Houyi Energy Saving Technology provides excellent energy saving planning and energy-related services, and is a leader in the sector of energy saving technologies.
Energy saving equipment and systems that we offer not only help to effectively improve average energy saving ratios and extend the lifespans of your machinery,
they can also greatly reduce operating costs and power consumption. Our products feature high compatibility and can be adopted by various kinds of heavy machinery and electrical machines.
Other features include automation and smart controls to ensure complete user safety.
We have the most professional technical teams and offer the most dedicated services.
Please don't hesitate to email or contact us for any questions.

Environmental Protection


  • co2 icon
    「截至110.01.05為止,本公司已為地球減少二氧化碳排放量達16,125,127 公斤」             (等同植樹1,343,761棵樹)
  • electricity icon
    「截至110.01.05為止,本公司已為地球節約電力資源達 30,540,573 度」                         (等同8,842戶家庭1年用電量)
  • water icon
    「截至110.01.05為止,本公司已為地球保留水資源於地底下達 79,348,938 立方米」          (等同約23.48座石岡水壩總蓄水量)

Actual applications Project

  • Energy saving plan
  • Energy saving equipment
  • Energy service